SOAR Observing Statistics

The table below summarizes time usage for the telescope starting in FY 2014. The "engineering and closure" time is the percentage of nights scheduled; the weather and technical time lost is percentage of all hours reported. Technical time lost includes off-site problems with internet connectivity when observing remotely.


SOAR Observing Time Statistics
FISCAL YEAR Eng/Closed time % nights Percent of science time lost
Weather Technical
2014 12.5% 16.5% 3.8%
2015 12.5% 21.6% 4.4%
2016 10.9% 33.4% 4.1%
2017 7.9% 27.7% 3.7%
2018 9.9% 15.3% 3.5%


The figure below summarizes over-subscription rates for NOIRLab (formerly NOAO) and Brazil (Chile to be added). The over-subscription is the ratio of new requests to available nights (after subtracting prior commitments such as surveys).

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