2012 REU Summer Lecture Series

  • Frank Hill (NSO)
    “Space Weather”
  • Simon Schuler (NOAO)
    “The Kepler Participating Scientist Program”
  • Lori Allen (NOAO)
    “My big NASA adventure: Life on a space telescope instrument team”
  • Irene Gonzalez-Hernandez (NSO)
    “Introduction to Helioseismology”
  • David Silva (NOAO Director)
    “Introduction to the National Optical Astronomy Observatory”
  • Tim Beers (KPNO Director)
    “Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor (CEMP) Stars in the Halo System of the Galaxy”
  • Mark Everett (NOAO)
    “Kepler Follow-Up Observations”
  • Matt Penn (NSO)
    “Measuring Sunspot Magnetic Field, and Why the Sunspot Cycles May Stop”
  • Katy Garmany (NOAO)
    “Kitt Peak and the Tohono O’odham Nation: a Brief History”
  • Han Uitenbroek (NSO)
    “Solar Spectral Lines”
  • Alexei Pevtsov (NSO)
    “NSO Solar Synoptic Programs”
  • Letizia Stranghellini (NOAO)
    “The population of planetary nebulae”
  • Dan Marrone (U. Arizona)
    “The Astrophysics Graduate Admission Process”

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