2011 KPNO REU Students

Vivienne Baldassare (Hunter College)
“Studying Star Formation and AGN in ULIRGs at z > 1.15”
Advisor: Jeyhan Kartaltepe

Alisa Fersch (Wesleyan College)
“Light Pollution, Lesser Long-Nosed Bats and Tucson: Are They Related?”
Advisor: Connie Walker

Nick Jimenez (Alfred University)
“An Analysis of Known Variable Stars in the Kepler Field”
Advisor: Kenneth Mighell

Morgan Rehnberg (Beloit College)
“PhAst: A Flexible IDL Image Tool”
Advisors: Mark Trueblood, Ken Mighell, and Robert Crawford

Joanna Taylor (Indiana University)
“X-ray AGN in a Merging Cluster”
Advisor: Dara Norman

Christine Welling (Dickinson College)
“Alternative Mounting Systems for the Galileoscope.”
Advisor: Stephen Pompea

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