US ELT Program Advisory Committee

 Name  Institution Expertise 
Nancy Chanover New Mexico State University Planetary and satellite atmospheres
Ian Crossfield University of Kansas Extrasolar planets
Marla Geha Yale University Dwarf galaxies; near-field cosmology
Mike Gladders University of Chicago Galaxy evolution; cosmology
Jenny Greene Princeton University Supermassive black holes & galaxy evolution
Jessica Lu University of California, Berkeley Star & planet formation; compact objects
Raffaella Margutti University of California, Berkeley Astronomical transients
Michael Meyer University of Michigan  Stars & exoplanets; instrumentation
Catherine (Caty) Pilachowski Indiana University Stars & stellar clusters
Tommaso Treu University of California, Los Angeles Cosmology; galaxy evolution
Alycia Weinberger Department of Terrestrial Magnetism,
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Planet formation; circumstellar disks
Mark Dickinson, ex officio NSF’s NOIRlab Galaxy formation & evolution

Updated: 28 December 2022

Updated on December 28, 2022, 5:26 am