Welcome to the electronic Users Manual for NEWFIRM. This page provides, or links to, documentation for astronomers who are

  • Writing proposals for telescope time with NEWFIRM
  • Preparing for an observing run
  • Observing in real time, and in need of procedural information
  • Doing scientific analysis on pipeline-processed NEWFIRM images


Below you can find a clickable list of available information.

Requests for further information, suggestions for documentation to include on this page, or any other correspondence related to use of NEWFIRM on the 4-m telescopes may be addressed to Sean Points, NEWFIRM Instrument Scientist,

NEWFIRM, the NOAO Extremely Wide Field Infrared Imager, images a 28 x 28 arcmin field of view on the NOAO 4-m telescopes. It covers a wavelength range of 1 - 2.4 microns at 0.4 arcsec/pixel. It was offered on the 4-m Mayall telescope on Kitt Peak through April, 2010. It is currently operating on the 4-m Blanco telescope on Cerro Tololo.




Updated on January 18, 2023, 2:50 am