SOAR held its Review Committee 2015

Submitted by cbriceno on Wed, 2015-07-22 17:53

Every five years during the course of observatory operations, SOAR holds an external review – roughly the equivalent of a visiting committee at universities. SOAR held its second such review this past June 24-26, in La Serena and on Cerro Pachón. In addition to hearing presentations from the Director, Board and SAC, the committee visited the telescope (see the accompanying photo).

At the end of the review, the committee provided an initial debrief, and its final report has now been provided to the Board for its consideration.

Photo caption: External review committee at SOAR. From left to right, Walter Maciel (U. São Paulo), Darren DePoy (Chair, Texas A & M), Jean Brodie (UC Santa Cruz) and René Rutten (Gemini). Note the quarter moon in the upper center!

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