Changing Mosaic data acquisition machines

Switching which computer acts as Mosaic data acquisition machine is fairly easy and fairly quick (15 min), if you know how to do it. Here is a detailed, straightforward example of how to do it. For this example, we show the move from ctioa0 to ctioa1.


1. move serial connection from ctioa0 to ctioa1

2. change nexus connections from ctioa0 to ctioa1 (4 cables "rj-11"), installing them in the same order.

  • This assumes that ctioa1 has an Alta board. If it has a Parsytec board, one must replace it with an Alta board to allow Mosaic to function.



  1. on ctioa0: kill msmid
    1. su (log in as root)
    2. ps aux | egrep msmid
    3. kill -9 XXXX (XXXX = process id of mscmid)
  2. on ctioa1: start msmid
    1. su (log in as root)
    2. cd /home/logs
    3. rm mseCommPortIsInUse!
    4.  /usr/local/bin/start-msmid
  3. check that the new machine is registered
    1. rsh ctio4m -l mosaic
    2. pvm
    3. > conf (outputs list of registered machines)
    4. IF ctioa1 is not there...
    5. add ctioa1
  4. log out & log in as mosaic

IF ctioa1 has been running normal arcon, you also need to run SetFiles to finish the setup, setting "Software version" to /m2xp/arcon.


Last updated: December 27, 1999


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