(xsum = 1) pixels summed in X direction
(ysum = 1) pixels summed in Y direction
(ysize = 8192) Height of centered ROI (full width)
(pixsize =  15.) Pixel size in microns
(nxpixels =  2048) Detector size in X
(nypixels =  4096) Detector size in Y
(detname = "Mosaic2") Detector identification
(mode = "ql")  


The detpars file is where you can specify binning, if you want it, and set regions of interest (ROIs). Note that setting ROIs does not lower the readout time as much as you would expect; talk to you staff contact before using ROIs. Also, as stated above, do NOT change the parameters in detpars by typing "detpars" or "epar detpars"; you MUST use "setdet force+".

Updated on May 10, 2021, 11:04 am