ISPI Problems related to the TCS

TCS Time Outs

Occasionally, the connection between the TCS and ISPI will time out. The yellow "busy" light on the TCS section of the main GUI will light up (normal), but not turn off, indicating that the TCS command was sent but no response returned to ISPI. In this case, several things can happen. Some intervention by the user may be required.

  • The GUI will try and restart the connection automatically. This is only done if the check box "TCS auto recovery" is checked.
  • If auto recovery is off or does not respond, click on the "TCS GUI" button in the upper left area of the main GUI. This will bring up the separate TCS GUI. Note any error messages in the TCS GUI and add these to your night report. To reconnect, click on "Stop" in the upper right of the GUI. It may be necessary to click on "Stop" a second time. The GUI should flash and a white arrow appear in the upper left corner. Click on this arrow. The green TCS light should come on. The response field should indicate that the connection is back up. Click on "hide" to close the TCS GUI.
  • It may take 10 seconds or so for the "TCS auto recovery" to execute. If one does not want to wait, the TCS GUI can be restarted manually.
  • If there is ever any doubt about the status of the TCS connection, bring up the TCS GUI and click on "info." A current string of TCS info should come over the link. If the normal TCS info is reported in the GUI response window, then communication is ok.
  • As with all the popup GUI's, always open and close with the "show" and "hide" buttons. These buttons can either be clicked on the popup or the main GUI.

Other TCS Errors

Sometimes there will be a TCS error which is not a time out. That is, for whatever reason, a TCS command sent from ISPI will not be completed. In this case, ISPI will also stop, for example, during a script. The TCS error must first be solved, then the ISPI command or script restarted. Have the night assistant note any errors which may have appeared on the TCS console or on the TCS router.


If you have other problems during the night, please have the night assitant call for assitance.

Detail any problems in the nightly report form (Internal Access Only), and ask the night assistant to fill in a trouble report (GNATS) for serious problems.

It is good practice to put in the DARK filters in the filter wheel in case telops needs to turn on the lights in the dome to fix the problem. You can do this either by moving to the DARK position on the filter wheels or just clicking on the END OF NIGHT button.

February 15, 2007

Updated on May 24, 2022, 8:00 am