R-C Basic Description

R-C Spectrograph is retired.

A reference manual describing the spectrograph optics, gratings, camera, CCD, etc.

The R-C grating spectrograph is used at the f/7.8 R-C focus of the Víctor M. Blanco 4-meter Telescope where the scale is 6.56 "/mm. It is identical in design to the one at Kitt Peak National Observatory and, as far as possible, in operation. The distinguishing feature of these spectrographs is their large beam size (point-source beam size is 152mm). As a result, higher dispersion than usual for Cassegrain spectrographs is available, along with excellent spatial resolution for observations of extended objects. All functions of the spectrograph can be controlled remotely by the data acquisition computer, permitting convenient and efficient operation.

A Photon's Eye View...

This is a basic walk-through of the spectrograph. Refer to the optical diagram below. The basic elements (in the order they get hit by incoming photons) are:

Camera & CCD


Acquisition & Guiding
    Description of the Field Acquistion and Slit Viewing TV & the Offset Guider


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