Speckle interferometry attains diffraction-limited resolution by processing short-exposure images taken with high magnification. This method works on relatively bright stars. The High-Resolution Camera (HRCam) at the SOAR 4.1-m telescope is used since 2008 for speckle interferometry. Presently it is mounted at the SOAR Adaptive Module (SAM). This is a restricted-use instrument supported by its PI Andrei Tokovinin.

HRCam Overview  The figure below shows the HRCam (see also the instrument manual ). The data are transmitted by an extended USB link to a PC and registered as image cubes, typically 400 frames of 200x200 pixels each ( speckle movie ). The data are procesed by IDL programs to compute power spectrum and auto-correlation function, ACF. A binary star is detected by "fringes" in the power spectrum or by symmetric peaks in the ACF. Its parameters are measured by fitting a model to the data. Details of the data processing are explained in the paper.



HRCam Capabilities. Most observations are made in the Stroemgren y or Cousins I filters with resolution of 25 mas and 36 mas, respectively. The maximum detectable magnitude difference can reach 6 mag at 1 arcsecond, it is less at smaller separations (in the Figure below, asterisks are detections of simulated binaries, squares are non-detections, and the curve is the estimated limiting magnitude difference) and in the I filter. The limiting magnitude strongly depends on the seeing and is deeper in the I band. Stars as faint as V=12 mag were observed under good seeing, but V=10 mag is a more realistic limit under median seeing. Typically, some 100 to 150 stars per night are observed. The effficiency is determined by the telescope pointing and target acquisition time, the data cubes are collected for only a few seconds. The raw data are processed by A. Tokovinin using his software. The data products are measurements of resolved binary and triple stars and the detection limits at 0.15 and 1 arcsec separation for unresolved targets.

In March 2017, the failed Luca-S detector was replaced by the iXon-888 camera, on loan from the UNC (courtecy N. Law). It has a higher quantum efficiency, so a gain of ~1 magnitude in sensitivity is expected.


Example HRCam Observation. HIP 83716 is a 1-arcsec visual binary star known since 1881. Its secondary component is itself a close pair Ba,Bb discovered at SOAR in 2009. Further monitoring at SOAR revealed the fast orbital motion, allowing to compute the orbit of Ba,Bb with a period of 6.5yr and semi-major axis of 70 mas. See also the NOAO press release with animation.


HRCam Publications. More than 11000 measurements of binary stars were made at SOAR by 2017 November, ~200 new multiple systems were discovered. The list of publications below is in chronological order. Please, take note of the study of systematic errors of HRCAM. Typically they are less then 0.1 deg in angle and 0.2% in scale; small systematic errors in the published data can be corrected using this document.

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