Instrument Characteristics


Adaptive Optics Module (AOM): optics                               

  • Focus depth w.r.t. flange surface: 150mm

  • (Off-axis Parabola  (OAP) parameters:

    • Focal length 810mm

    • Off-axis distance 213.277mm

    • Diameter 175mm

  • Deformable mirror BIM-60

    • Number of electrodes: 60

    • Pupil diameter: 50mm, incidence angle: 12.5deg

    • Min. curvature radius (400V on all electrodes): 16.7m

  • Tip-Tilt guiders

    • Patrol field: 100x100mm (5x5 arcmin)

    • Probe field of view: 3x3arcsec


AOM - mass and dimensions

  • Total mass at installation (3-Aug-2009) ~300kg

  • Offset towards SOAR w.r.t. the ISB hole: 67.5m


SOAR telescope

  • Aperture diameter 4.10m

  • Plate scale 0.330mm/arcsec or 3.025arcsec/mm

  • M1 curvature radius at vertex: -13.50970m

  • M1 conic constant: -1.002667

  • M2 curvature radius: -2.03265m

  • M1-M2 distance: 5.83922m

  • M2-M3 distance: 4.98922m

  • M3 to focus: 4250.0m

  • Effective focal length: 68.175m (F/16.63)

  • Focal surface radius: 0.9656m (convex outside)

  • Central obscuration: 0.228 (diameter 936.5mm)



  • Wavelength 355nm

  • Nominal power 10W

  • Nominal pulse frequency 10kHz, pulse length 34ns

  • Laser head size: 813x127x86mm, mass: 14.5kg

  • Typical power consumption: 400W laser, 700W chiller

  • Power supply size: 427x364x76mm, mass: 8.4kg

  • Chiller size: 533x440x264mm, mass 55kg


SAM Imager (SAMI)

  • Pixel size 15micron square or 45.5mas

  • 4Kx4K (3x3 arcmin on the sky)

  • Filters

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