Goodman Long slits

The Goodman High Throughput Spectrograph (GHTS) has an assortment of long slits from which the user can choose, in addition to the possibility of creating custom Multi-Object Slit (MOS) masks.

The GHTS has a carrousel with 36 positions, of which 27 are available for longslits and/or Multi-Objects Masks (MOS).   Each long slit is approximately 3.9 arcmin long.
As of Aug 23, 2017, long slits which are always installed and available are the folllowing (all widths in arcsec; the unbinned pixel scale of the GHTS is 0.15 arcsec/pixel):

0.45", 0.6", 0.8", 0.95", 1.0", 1.2", 1.5", 1.9", 3.2", 4" and 10.2". 

The following table provides the old names of some of the slits.

We have 16 remaining positions are available for MOS masks. Installing MOS masks is a daytime task, like changing filters, and should be requested beforehand in the Instrument Setup Form, or by email to the Support Astronomer with copy (cc) to, so our Observer Support staff also receives the request.

Notethe Goodman Acquisition Camera (GACAM) has a FOV=1.8arcmin in its longest dimension, therefore, it does not span the full length of a Goodman long slit. If your science requires a full view of the long slit you will need to use the pre-imaging procedure for object acquisition (see the Step-by-step guide to Observing with Goodman).

Updated on June 29, 2021, 9:14 am