This page contains comparision lamp spectra that are used for the wavelength calibration of COSMOS on the Blanco 4-m Telescope and KOSMOS on the Mayall 4-m Telescope.  General information on the COSMOS dispersers can be found on the COSMOS Disperser page.

Arc line lists were created for Hg, Ne, Ar, Cu, and He using information from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Atomic Spectra Database.  Promising transition lines were then chosen from those listed based upon the relative intensity of the line and the transition probability.  The lists for individual elements were merged for each available lamp.  The plots on this page were made by using the IRAF spectroscopic "Identify" task found in the NOAO.TWODSPEC.LONGSLIT package using the merged lists for HgNe, HgAr, and CuHeAr.  The final line lists for these plots can be found here.  

Lamp Disperser 3 pixel Blue 3 pixel Center 3 pixel Red
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) Blue (b2k) CuHeAr_bgbs.pdf CuHeAr_bgcs.pdf CuHeAr_bgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) Blue (b2k) HgNe_bgbs.pdf HgNe_bgcs.pdf HgNe_bgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) Blue (b2k) HgAr_bgbs.pdf HgAr_bgcs.pdf HgAr_bgrs.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) Red (r2k) CuHeAr_rgbs.pdf CuHeAr_rgcs.pdf CuHeAr_rgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) Red (r2k) HgNe_rgbs.pdf HgNe_rgcs.pdf HgNe_rgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) Red (r2k) HgAr_rgbs.pdf HgAr_rgcs.pdf HgAr_rgrs.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) Wide (l2k) N/A N/A CuHeAr_lgrs.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) Wide (l2k) + GG395 N/A N/A CuHeAr_lgrs_gg395.pdf
HgNe (Penray) Wide (l2k) N/A N/A HgNe_lgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) Wide (l2k) + GG395 N/A N/A HgNe_lgrs_gg395.pdf
HgAr (Penray) Wide (l2k) N/A N/A HgAr_lgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) Wide (l2k) + GG395 N/A N/A HgAr_lgrs_gg395.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) High-Res Blue (hb4k) CuHeAr_hbgbs.pdf CuHeAr_hbgcs.pdf CuHeAr_hbgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) High-Res Blue (hb4k) HgNe_hbgbs.pdf HgNe_hbgcs.pdf HgNe_hbgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) High-Res Blue (hb4k) HgAr_hbgbs.pdf HgAr_hbgrs.pdf HgAr_hbgrs.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) Visible (v4k) CuHeAr_vgbs.pdf CuHeAr_vgcs.pdf CuHeAr_vgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) Visible (v4k) HgNe_vgbs.pdf HgNe_vgcs.pdf HgNe_vgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) Visible (v4k) HgAr_vgbs.pdf HgAr_vgcs.pdf HgAr_vgrs.pdf
CuHeAr (Hollow Cathode) High-Res Red (hr4k) CuHeAr_hrgbs.pdf CuHeAr_hrgrs.pdf CuHeAr_hrgrs.pdf
HgNe (Penray) High-Res Red (hr4k) HgNe_hrgbs.pdf HgNe_hrgcs.pdf HgNe_hrgrs.pdf
HgAr (Penray) High-Res Red (hr4k) HgAr_hrgbs.pdf HgAr_hrgrs.pdf HgAr_hrgrs.pdf
Lamp Disperser 3 pixel Blue 3 pixel Center 3 pixel Red
HeNeAr (Hollow Cathode) Blue (b2k) HeNeAr_bgbs.pdf HeNeAr_bgcs.pdf HeNeAr_bgrs.pdf
HeNeAr (Hollow Cathode) Red (r2k) HeNeAr_rgbs.pdf HeNeAr_rgcs.pdf HeNeAr_rgrs.pdf

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