Torrent Technical Documents

General Documentation

Torrent Data Sheet Rev 4.1
TRNT-AD-11-0001 Torrent DHE Architecture Rev 5.0
TRNT-AD-11-0001 Torrent Performance Requirements Rev 0.0
TRNT-AD-04-0001 Torrent DHE Compliance Tests Rev 2.5
TRNT-AD-04-0002 Report on Torrent DHE Compliance Tests Rev 1.0

Torrent DHE Interface Control Documents

The DHE is what is generically called a controller. This interface level is governed by the MONSOON Interface Control Documents (ICD) level 7 and 8. These documents control the hardware interfaces of the system.

Torrent  - ICD 7.? TRNT-AD-01-0001 AFE-CCD Circuit Board Dimensions Rev -OD-
Torrent  - ICD 7.3 TRNT-AD-01-0003 Torrent DHE LCB to AFE Interface Description Rev 0.0
Torrent  - ICD 7.4 TRNT-AD-01-0004 Torrent DHE PSM to LCB Interface Description Rev 0.0
Torrent  - ICD 7.6 TRNT-AD-01-0006 Torrent DHE PSM to TSM Interface Description Rev 0.0

System Configuration User Questionair

Torrent User Survey Rev 4 - Used to specify the details of a buildable configuration for a Torrent DHE

Documentation Index

TRNT-AD-10-0001 Master Documentation List Rev 0

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