Power Fan Out Board

This board is used to connect the Orange transition modules to the analog power sources. This power penetrates the Orange backplane via connector P3 and is independent of the backplane power system. The available designs provide for a right and left handed distribution that corresponds to the position of the bus master slot (MCB slot).

Left Hand Variant

MNSN-EL-04-0003 PWRFAN Left Hand Top Assembly
MNSN-EL-04-1003 PWRFAN Left Hand Fabrication Detail
MNSN-EL-04-2003 PWRFAN Left Hand Schematic Diagram
MNSN-EL-04-3003 PWRFAN Left Hand Layout Package

Right Hand Variant

MNSN-EL-04-0006 PWRFAN Right Hand Top Assembly Rev -A-
MNSN-EL-04-1006 PWRFAN Right Hand Fabrication Detail Rev -A-
MNSN-EL-04-2006 PWRFAN Right Hand Schematic Diagram Rev -A-
MNSN-EL-04-3006 PWRFAN Right Hand Layout Package Rev -A-

Updated on June 2, 2021, 7:53 am