Orange Technical Documents

General Documents

MONSOON Orange Data Sheet Rev 1.1
MNSN-AD-02-0001 Detector Head Electronics Architecture (DHE)
MNSN-AD-02-0002 System Architecture
MNSN-AD-03-0001 Operational Concepts Definition
MNSN-AD-04-0001 Functional Performance Requirements
MNSN-AD-08-0006 Glossary of terms Rev 2.3

Orange DHE Interface Control Documents

The DHE is what is generically called a controller. This interface level is governed by the MONSOON Interface Control Documents (ICD) level 7 and 8. These documents control the hardware interfaces of the system.

Orange - ICD 7.0 MNSN-AD-01-0006 DHE Backplane Definition Rev 13.1
Orange - ICD 7.1 MNSN-AD-01-0013 Requirements for the MCB Image Buffer Module (IBM) Rev 2.0
Orange - ICD 8.4 MNSN-AD-01-0008 NEWFIRM to MONSOON Rev 1.0

Documentation Index

MNSN-AD-10-0001 Master Documentation List Rev 0

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