Crate Controller

The Internal Crate Controller board (ICC) monitors the DES crate environment attributes including voltage, temperature, humidity, Vicor power supply cooling fan rotation detection, and crate cooling fan rotation detection. The ICC board will turn off the Vicor power supply, and notify the Instrument Control System, if any monitored attribute goes into a fault condition. The Instrument Control System can also interrogate the ICC to determine the cause of failure as well as force the ICC board to turn off the Vicor power supply.

User Guides

1527-v70 ICS Interface Host - Quick Start Guide
1527-v70 ICS Interface Host - Users manual
1527-v70 ICC - Firmware Description
1527-v70 ICC - Register Mapping
1527-v70 Fan RPM Board - Design Information
1527-v70 Vicor - DAQ Crate power sequencing
1527-v70 Vicor - Heater Crate power sequencing


1527-v70 - Crate Controller - Bill Of materials
1527-v70 ICC Board - Schematic
1527-v70 ICC Board - Gerber plots
1527-v70 ICC Board - Layers
4264-v1 ICC Board - Power Supply Overvoltage detection circuit modification

1527-v70 Fan Load Board - Schematic
1527-v70 Fan Load Board - Gerber plots
1527-v70 Fan Load Board - Layers

1527-v70 Fan RPM Board - Schematic
1527-v70 Fan RPM Board - Gerber plots
1527-v70 Fan RPM Board - Layers


1527-v70 ICC - Board Checkout

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