Clock and Bias Board

User Guides

1215-v3 Clock Board - Users Manual


2896-v8 Clock Board - Schematic (with ECOs)
2896-v8 Clock Board - Gerber plots
2896-v8 Clock Board - Bill Of Material

Firmware Loaders

2420-v3 Clock Board - EEPROM Image file - CBv4.01.mcs

Transition Boards

Clock Transition Board
2907-v5 Clock Transition Board - Schematics (with ECOs)
2907-v5 Clock Transition Board - Gerber plots

Clock Guider Transition Board
This is a special module constructed to fix a routing error on the VIB East. Clock groups A, B and C must drive G1S, G1S and G1N respectively. If a standard DECam Clock transition card is used with the Clock boards in the Guider backplane, clock group A drives G1S, G2S and G1N. This does not allow the algorithm flexibility required to drive the guiding system. Therefore, a special Clock Guider Transition module was designed.
6183-v2 Clock Guider Transition Board - Schematic
6183-v2 Clock Guider Transition Board - Gerber plots
6183-v2 Clock Guider Transition Board - Bill Of Material


5359-v1 Clock Board - Clock board testing and preliminary acceptance criteria
5359-v1 Clock Board - Test procedure

Test Results

5358-v1 Clock Board - Production test results

Engineering Change Orders

2896-v8 Clock Board - ECOs
2907-v5 Clock Transition Board - ECOs

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