Reducing TSpec Data

TripleSpec4.1 reduction is performed using a version of the IDL Spextool package that was modified by Dr. Katelyn Allers for use at SOAR.

The Spextool code can be downloaded here and modifications for SOAR can be downloaded here.

Instructional videos on HOWTO run the software can be found at the following links:
Part 1: Discusses package setup, reduction directory setup, starting the software, creating master calibration files.
Part 2: Discusses HOWTO extract a spectrum from a point source.
Part 3: Discusses HOWTO scale spectra, remove bad pixels, and combine spectra of an individual object.
Part 4: Discussed HOWTO perform the telluric correction and flux-calibrate the data.

To assist observers who do not have a working version of IDL, we have dedicated computer at SOAR that has the IDL software installed.  The connection information can be obtained from your support scientist.

Updated on October 5, 2021, 2:19 pm