Goodman Live Data Pipeline

SOAR AEON users now have access to a newly developed web interface for the Goodman instrument automated pipeline reduction. With only your web browser, you can access both the raw and the fully reduced imaging and spectroscopic data from the Goodman instrument, seconds after the data are written to disk. No need to install any software!
Users are provided with access credentials at the beginning of the semester. The interface and a sample spectrum are shown in the figure below. All you need is to be logged into the SOAR VPN and open the corresponding web page in your browser.

Fully reduced, 1-D, wavelength-calibrated spectra are produced automatically seconds after the data has been written to disk, using the appropriate comparison lamps and calibration frames (flux calibration is not implemented yet). The extraction and overall reduction process works well for most point sources, though some particular cases may need the user to manually reduce their data (e.g., blended sources; very faint sources sharing the slit with much brighter sources - in which case the pipeline may extract the brighter source(s) and fail to extract the faint one). We continue to work on improving the software to add options that will allow users to fine tune the detection and extraction process, e.g., by define parameters such as extraction windows.
Some interactive options are available with the "Advance Visualization" button, and users can repeat a reduction process, deleting the calibrated and extracted spectra and redoing each process. The reduced spectra can be directly downloaded as FITS files. 
The Live Pipeline User Manual can be accessed here.

Updated on June 7, 2021, 1:32 pm