e-News for the Gemini/NOIRLab Community

Gemini Observatory, a program of NSF's NOIRLab, provides a monthly newsletter for its international user community.  Prior to July 2021, the newsletter was called the eNewscast.  In July 2021, the newsletter design and publication process was refreshed with news items and images indexed in a database so they can be searched and easily deployed as needed across multiple locations across the NOIRLab science site.

"eNewscast" is now called e-News for the Gemini/NOIRLab Community, and the broader NOIRLab version of the newsletter (previously "Currents") is called e-News for the NOIRLab Community. The two newsletters share the same design and back-end integration features.  The integration of programs at NOIRLab is enabling efficiency gains through consolidation and modernization of previously independent processes, and allows support of new functionality.

This page provides links to all editions of Gemini/NOIRLab e-News. An archive of eNewscasts spanning from June 2021 to 2009 can be found here

To subscribe, please visit https://noirlab.edu/science/news/subscribe.

Updated on May 10, 2024, 11:29 am