Credit: S. Juneau et al. arXiv:2104.06527 and

Coordinating the Next Generation of Spectroscopic Processing and Analysis Tools


13-16 November 2023


NOIRLab Headquarters, Tucson, AZ, USA

Main Topics:

A workshop for practitioners to work together on software tools for astronomical spectroscopy. Motivated by the recommendations of the decadal survey report on Pathways to Discovery in Astronomy and Astrophysics for the 2020s. A follow-up to the February 2023 workshop on The Future of Astrophysical Data Infrastructure.

SOC Members:

Adam Bolton, NSF’s NOIRLab
Kelle Cruz, CUNY Hunter College
Vandana Desai, NASA/IPAC-IRSA
Stéphanie Juneau, NSF’s NOIRLab
John O’Meara, W. M. Keck Observatory
Timothy Pickering, U. of Arizona, Steward Observatory
Erik Tollerud, STScI
Benjamin Weaver, NSF’s NOIRLab
Kyle Westfall, University of California Observatories

LOC Members:

Alexus Abbott
Adam Bolton
Stéphanie Juneau


Plenary discussions, breakout sessions, and co-working sessions will be organized around the following topics:

  • Scientific and science-data context, goals, and requirements
  • Spectroscopic calibration and data reduction software
  • Spectroscopic visualization and analysis software
  • Strategic alignment between project-driven and general-purpose infrastructure
  • Interoperability between stages of the spectroscopic analysis chain
  • Commonalities and differences between single-object and survey-scale applications
  • Spectroscopic data-access services and client tools
  • New needs arising from ML/AI/HPC/GPU workflows

Final Report

Workshop report available here