IAUS385 Symposium on Astronomy and Satellite Constellations: Pathways Forward

The IAU Symposium 385 will focus on Astronomy and Satellite Constellations: Pathways Forward. It will take place in La Palma, Canary Islands (Spain), on 2-6 October 2023.

Registration is open! Please register early, space is limited. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Meeting Poster




Meeting Main Topics:

  • Activities of the CPS
  • Policy developments
  • Astronomical Observations (optical, radio)
  • Observation of satellites [hands on workshop]
  • Satellite ephemeris accuracy
  • Impact on science
  • Software (e.g., predicting passes, avoidance, masking, etc)
  • Mitigation measures and best practices guidelines (by industry, by instruments)
  • BRDF modeling and hardware testing
  • Communication/education, outreach, societal and cultural impact [a video watch party]
  • Environmental impact of satcons
  • Updated Technical Requirements

Important Dates:

These dates are not yet confirmed, but we estimate:

  • 30 June: Application deadline for IAU travel grants
  • 15 July: Call for abstracts closes
  • 15 August: Registration to attend at La Palma closes
  • 5 September: those accepted to attend in person will be informed
  • 2 October: Conference starts