Other NOIRLab data

High resolution spectral atlas of Arcturus

Digital versions of the high-resolution Arcturus Atlases by Hinkle, Wallace, Livingston, Valenti, and Harmer. The atlases are available in printed form from ASP.

A library of medium resolution infrared spectra

Spectra of MK standard stars covering the J, H, K, and L bands. The spectra have been corrected for telluric absorption and are at a resolution of 3000. The spectra are from five papers by (variously) Wallace, Hinkle, Meyer, Edwards, and Strom.

Coudé feed spectral library

Contains spectra of 684 stars observed with the Coudé Feed telescope and spectrograph at KPNO. The spectra cover the ranges 3820 - 4500 Å and 4780 - 5460 Å at a resolution of 1.8 Å FWHM (~60 km/sec). The spectra were described by Leitherer, C. et al. 1996 PASP, 108, 996

A library of stellar spectra

FITS images of the spectral catalog published by G. H. Jacoby, D. A Hunter, and C. A. Christian in ApJ Supp. 56, 257.

Optical spectrophotometric atlas of SN 1987 in the LMC, II

CCD Observations from Day 198 to 805 (Phillips, M. M. et al. 1990, A. J., 99, 1133). This data archive consists of CCD spectra of SN 1987A obtained with the CTIO 1.5 m and 4.0 m telescopes.

NOAO Deep Wide Field Survey

A multiwavelength survey covering two 9 square degree fields at high Galactic latitudes, featuring deep optical and near-infrared data observed with NOIRLab telescopes.

Spectral Atlas Central

This page provides the FITS files and line lists for five calibration lamps, which can be used for spectral line identification and wavelength calibration.

KPNO photographic plate logs from the Mayall 4m telescope


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