McGraw-Hill 1.3-meter Telescope

Photograph of McGraw-Hill 1.3-meter Telescope


The Kitt Peak National Observatory is located on Kitt Peak of the Quinlan Mountains in the Arizona-Sonoran Desert on the Tohono O'odham Nation. With over twenty optical and two radio telescopes, it is one of the largest gatherings of astronomical instruments in the northern hemisphere.

The Telescope is part of the MDM Observatory, which is owned and operated by a consortium of five educational institutions — Dartmouth College, The Ohio State University, Columbia University, The University of Michigan and Ohio University. The MDM Observatory consists of 2 reflecting telescopes. The asteroid 4432 McGraw-Hill is named after this telescope.


McGraw-Hill 1.3-meter Telescope

Name(s) McGraw-Hill 1.3-meter Telescope 
Status Operational
Broad Science Goals  
Site Kitt Peak National Observatory, Arizona, USA
Location Coordinates 31º 57'N
111º 37'W
Altitude 1925 meters (6315 feet)
Optical Design Cassegrain
Field of View  
Diameter: Primary M1 1.3 meters
Material: Primary M1 Aluminum-coated Cer-Vit
Diameter: Secondary M2 0.5 meters
Material: Secondary M2 Aluminum-coated Cer-Vit
Diameter: Tertiary M3 0.33 meters
Material: Tertiary M3  
Mount English cross-axis equatorial
First Light Date 1975
Adaptive Optics  
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