Evryscope-South Telescope

Photograph of Evryscope-South Telescope


The Evryscope is a telescope array designed to open a new parameter space in optical astronomy, detecting short timescale events across extremely large sky areas simultaneously. The system averages 5000 images per night with ∼300,000 sources per image, and to date has taken over 3 millions images, totaling 250TB of raw data. The Evryscope consists of an array of 22 telescopes, which aims to find the rare events that require all-sky monitoring, including transiting exoplanets around exotic stars like white dwarfs and hot subdwarfs, stellar activity of all types within our Milky Way, nearby supernovae, and other transient events such as gamma-ray bursts and gravitational-wave electromagnetic counterparts.

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Evryscope-South Telescope

Status Operational
Broad Science Goals Evryscope's broad science goals are the research of exoplanets, stellar astrophysics, and transients.
Site Cerro Tololo, Chile
Location Coordinates 30º 10’ 04 S
70º 48’ 19’W 
Altitude 2207 meters (7240 feet)
Enclosure Single hemispherical enclosure (the ”mush-room”).
Type Camera lenses
Optical Design F1.4 lenses
Field of View 8150 square degrees
Diameter: Primary M1 0.061 meters
Material: Primary M1  
Diameter: Secondary M2  
Material: Secondary M2  
Mount equatorial mount
First Light Date 2015
Adaptive Optics  
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