Conference Poster: Satellite Constellations 2 Workshop

In early 2020, 40 experts came together to assess the impact of satellite constellations on astronomy and to consider possible mitigation solutions . Funding was provided by NSF to NSF’s NOIRLab in partnership with the AAS. They presented their findings for discussion at the SATCON1 workshop at the end of June 2020. A year later, another group of experts are gathering to prepare for a second workshop. SATCON2, the Satellite Constellations 2 workshop, will take place online only on 12–16 July 2021 with no registration fee. We will discuss how to implement the strategies and recommendations emerging from SATCON1 to minimize the negative impacts of satellite constellations on astronomy and the night sky.



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Release date:June 15, 2021, 2:53 p.m.


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