Top 100 Images Google Chrome extension from NSF’s NOIRLab

Get the Top 100 images from NSF’s NOIRLab displayed in a Google Chrome browser window using a Chrome extension developed by NOIRLab. 

A new Google Chrome extension from NSF’s NOIRLab can now make that happen. Once installed, the extension randomly selects one of NOIRLab’s Top 100 images from our gallery and displays it when the user opens a new browser tab or window. In the lower-left corner of the window, the image title and credit are shown next to the NOIRLab logo. (Clicking the title will open a page on the NOIRLab website that provides more information about the image.) Simply reload the window or tab to enjoy a new randomly selected NOIRLab image.

To install the extension, visit with your Chrome browser, and explore some of the awe-inspiring images created by NSF’s NOIRLab.




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