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December 2009 Issue of GeminiFocus Available

1 Diciembre 2009

The December 2009 issue of GeminiFocus is now available electronically (downloadable as a PDF).

Gemini encourages readers to access the publication electronically as part of Gemini's initiative to find new ways to operate "Greener." GeminiFocus still remains available in a printed version, distributed to Gemini's users through the National Gemini Offices, and is available upon request.

This issue features a wide range of science articles that emphasize the variety of observing and instrument modes Gemini provides as well as innovative techniques of our users. In addition to the cover story on adaptive optics imaging of weather on Saturn’s moon Titan, readers will also find:

  • Director’s Message – Exploring Astronomy’s Time Domain
  • Imaging the Most Distant Known Object in the Universe
  • Studying a Z~5 Star-forming Galaxy with NIFS/IFU
  • The Integral Field Spectroscopy User’s Wiki
  • Modeling Nuclear Infrared Emission of Seyfert Galaxies on Parsec Scales
  • Unveiling Remote Globular Clusters in Andromeda
  • The "Wild Youth" of Massive Galaxies
  • Spectroscopy of High-Z Galaxy Clusters with Band-Shuffle
  • Black Holes & Revelations Using Open-loop Adaptive Optics
  • Recent Science Highlights
  • Exoplanet Imaging with the Gemini Telescopes
  • Time Exchange Programs
  • Gemini Community Access to Keck in 2000-2001: Early Time-Sharing
  • Joint Gemini/Subaru Science Meeting & 2009 Gemini Users’ Meeting
  • On-site Observing with the Gemini Telescopes
  • Planning for Gemini’s Future Instruments
  • MCAO Progress
  • The Greening of Gemini
  • Broadening Participation at Gemini
  • The GeminiFocus Readers Survey
  • Gemini’s Rapa Nui Connection
  • Outreach with the Galileoscope
  • Australian Student’s Image Revealed
  • Introducing Nancy A. Levenson
  • Staff Profiles: François Rigaut and Dolores Coulson


  • If you require hard-copies of this issue, please contact Xiaoyu Zhang and provide the number of copies you require as well as your physical mailing address.
  • Please help us to evaluate and assess the possible futures of GeminiFocus by taking our short online survey.

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December 2009 Issue of GeminiFocus
December 2009 Issue of GeminiFocus