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Rubin Digest 20 June 2018

20 June 2018

Project & Science News

The deadline for registration for LSST 2018 is July 9. Watch for a draft agenda for the meeting, which will be available soon.

The TVSSC (Transient and Variable Stars Science Collaboration) Survey Strategy Proposal Preparation Workshop took place in Bethlehem, PA on June 4-8. The purpose of the meeting was to organize the response of the TVSSC in advance of the upcoming LSST Observing Strategy call for white papers, which is scheduled for late June.

The annual SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation conference took place in Austin, TX from June 10-15. LSST was well-represented with more than 35 posters, presentations, and invited talks highlighting LSST construction progress.

LSST@Europe3 wrapped up in Lyon on June 15. The meeting gathered approximately 150 participants for 5 days of talks, tours, and informal opportunities for networking between members of the LSST Project and the European science community. Recordings of many of the talks are available at

The first lift of the Surrogate Primary/Tertiary (M1M3) Mirror was successfully achieved at vendor CAID Industries in Tucson on June 7; the event was a major milestone for the M1M3 Team and the Project. The active support system for M1M3, which will be engaged whenever the telescope is observing, will lift the glass mirror off the static supports (which are mounted on the cell deckplate) using 156 pneumatic figure control actuators. This photo, taken during the Surrogate Mirror lift, shows the small but significant gap between the static supports and the backing plates (which are mounted on the Surrogate Mirror).

New construction photos from the Summit Facility building on Cerro Pachón are now available in the LSST Gallery.

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Upcoming Meetings with LSST Involvement

(those with asterisk* are LSSTC funded):


June 19-21: Data Visualization and Exploration in the LSST Era, University of IL/NCSA, Champaign, IL*

July 10-12: 1st Solar System Science Collaboration Science Readiness Sprint, Seattle, Washington.*

July 23-27: LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration meeting, DE School and Sprint Day, Carnegie Mellon University PA*

July 30-Aug 3: NSF/DOE Joint Status Review, Tucson, AZ

August 13-17: LSST Project and Community Workshop 2018, Tucson, AZ

October 22-26: LSST-DESC Autumn Sprint Week, Edinburgh, Scotland*

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