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bHROS Available on Gemini South for Semester 2006A

20 September 2005

With system and science verification complete, the Gemini Bench-mounted High-Resolution Spectrograph (bHROS) is available for science programs in 2006A. Proposals are due September 30, 2005.

BHROS: a new and unique high-resolution optical spectrograph on Gemini South is the highest resolution optical (400-1000 nm) echelle spectrograph optimized for use on an 8-meter telescope. It achieves efficiencies of 13-18% (depending upon fiber mode with median seeing), with well-sampled spectra at a spectral resolution of R=150,000.

Located within the thermally stable pier of the Gemini South telescope, bHROS is fiber-fed through the core of the telescope from the cassegrain focus.

It is anticipated that bHROS will be well-suited for studies that include:

  • High precision abundance analysis including determination of the 6Li/7Li isotopic ratio, abundances in ultra metal-poor stars, ISM, etc.
  • Analysis of absorption line profiles
  • High-precision radial velocity measurements (planet searches etc.)


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Spectrum of the K2 red giant HD 192879
Spectrum of the K2 red giant HD 192879
Gemini instrument bHROS
Gemini instrument bHROS