Travel information Kitt Peak National Observatory

How to reach Kitt Peak National Observatory

Map of summit

Map of summit

KPNO Transport for Observers

When feasible, please schedule flights in and out of Tucson to correspond with our shuttle bus schedule. If your arrival at the downtown office conflicts with the Kitt Peak mountain transportation schedule and you need same-day transportation to Kitt Peak, call 520-318-8279, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (local time) to arrange for needed transportation. You can also send shuttle reservations via email to: NOIRLab does not provide pick-up or drop-off shuttle service to the Tucson airport.

For your return flight, we recommend that you schedule your pickup time at the downtown office (950 North Cherry Avenue) for at least two hours ahead of your flight departure. If you are coming directly from the mountain to meet a flight, schedule the downtown pickup time two hours later than your mountain departure. NOTE: The Arizona Stagecoach needs a 24-hour advance reservation from the Headquarters Office back to the airport.

How to Make Long Distance Calls

You are requested to place all long distance telephone calls on a credit card or collect basis. A number of options exist for placing long distance calls. For your convenience, please refer to the dialing instructions posted at each telephone. If you have any questions regarding telephone use, or need assistance in placing a call, you may reach the Kitt Peak or NOIRLab operator, during normal working hours, by dialing "0". In an emergency situation, please feel free to contact any employee. If you are having trouble placing a call, they will assist you.

Personal or Business Mail

If you have asked people to send you mail here (whether you are on Kitt Peak or in Tucson), please give them the NOIRLab address: Kitt Peak Support Office, P. O. Box 26732, Tucson, AZ 85726. You can pick up your mail in the Kitt Peak Support Office, or we will send it to Kitt Peak if you are still on the mountain.

Use of the Tucson Headquarters Visitor Offices

To arrange for use of Tucson visitor offices either before or after your Kitt Peak observing run please contact the Kitt Peak Observing Support office:
(520) 318-8279.

They may have already assigned you an office if you indicated one on your Observing Run Preparation Form.